Wiki-Class: Wikipedia article quality classification

A library for performing automatic detection of assessment classes of Wikipedia articles.

Compatible with Python 3.x only. Sorry.

Basic usage

If you want to detect some assessment classes, you’re going to need a model. You can download a prebuilt model or build one yourself.

Model from file

from wikiclass.models import RFTextModel

model = RFTextModel.from_file(open("enwiki.rf_text.model", "rb"))

assessment, probabilities = model.classify("Some article text")

print("I'm about {0}% ".format(probabilities[assessment]*100) + \
      "sure that this should be classified {0}".format(assessment))

Model building

from wikiclass.models import RFTextModel

# Gather a training and test set
train_set = [
    ("Stub", "Some article text"),
    ("Start", "Some more article text<ref>news</ref>.")
    # ...
test_set = [
    ("C", "The Lorem Ipsum dolored the sit amet."),
    ("FA", "'''Lorem Ipsum''', sit amet the dolor amer. {{InfoBox|...}}")
    # ...

# Train a model
model = RFTextModel.train(

# Run the test set & print the results
results = model.test(test_set)

# Write the model to disk for reuse.
model.to_file(open("enwiki.rf_text.model", "wb"))



A set of classification models that can be trained and used to classify articles.

  • RFTextModel – A random forrest classifier that extracts features from article text.

A set of feature extractors used to organize a set of features for use in model training and classification.

  • WikitextAndInfonoise – A text feature extractor that gathers wiki markup features and an information-based measure.

Some FeatureExtractor s require information about the language being processed. This module contains basic language info for common languages.

  • get(), gets a Language based on a name. Currently supported languages include:
    • "English"
  • register(), registers a new Language for access from get().

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